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The U.S. gets up to 80% of sphagnum peat moss it uses from Canada. In Canada, the peat bog mass harvested each year is an estimated 1/60th of the mass that accumulates. About .02% of the 270 million acres (422,000 square miles) of Canadian peat bog are used for peat moss mining.

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We sell used hammer mills from several trusted processing equipment manufacturers, such as Kamas Industries, and Bliss Industries, among others. We currently have a wide array of sizes and capacities to choose from, so look through our inventory to find one to fit your manufacturing needs.

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Prater's Mega Mill Hammer Mill was manufactured with the intent of bridging the tough gap between hammer mills and fine grinders. Our Mega Mill provides uniform grinding with less heat build-up and a unique bearing and shaft arrangement that creates a smoother, quieter …

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 · If your soil needs enrichment before planting, add peat moss or compost to improve the texture. If you've been consciously composting your & Garden Soil Conditioner - Adds Organic Matter & Sphagnum Peat Moss to EXISTING soil.'


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